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We Provide Vision Therapy as a Treatment Option

Good vision involves more than 20/20 eyesight or just “seeing clearly.” Some visual conditions and/or hand-eye-body coordination problems cannot be treated adequately with just glasses, contact lenses, or surgery and are best resolved through a program of Vision Therapy.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a treatment program designed to eliminate visual problems, reduce visual stress and discomfort, and increase visual performance. It is like physical therapy for the eyes and brain; a highly successful non-surgical treatment for many conditions such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency, and some reading and learning disabilities. At See Life Family Vision Source, vision therapy provides the visual abilities necessary for more efficient learning and performance in all areas of life.

Vision Therapy sessions include procedures designed to enhance the brain’s ability to control:

  • eye alignment,
  • eye teaming,
  • eye focusing abilities,
  • eye movements, and/or
  • visual processing.

Who Benefits from Vision Therapy?

Children and adults with visual challenges, such as:

  • Learning-related Vision Problems
  • Lazy Eye,  Crossed Eye
  • Double Vision
  • Eyestrain, Headaches, Blurred Vision
  • Dizziness, Motion Sickness
  • Developmental Delays, Special Needs, Brain Injury
  • Sports and Eye-Hand-Body Coordination Problems

Vision Therapy can help those individuals who lack the necessary visual skills for effective reading, writing, and learning (i.e., eye movement and focusing skills, convergence, eye-hand activity, visual memory skills, etc.).